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Filtration for reinforced concrete pools

Our liners for reinforced concrete pools

To make the most of your pool you will need to maintain the water. Microorganism such as bacteria, seaweed, germs or any other may appear if you don’t filter the water. Unibeo Swimming pools offer several solutions of filtration so you can fully enjoy your pool in the best conditions.

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Ecoflow filtration unit or cartridge filtration

The ecoflow filtration is in a local integrated to the structure which is equiped with valves and bypass valves… The cartridge filtration is made through the flitering skimmer. The skimmer sucks up the water then filtered in a cartridge and finally in the multiplying flow feedback. The circulation and the filtration of the water is optimum.

traditional filtration with sand or element filter

The sand filter and element filter are the most common around the pools. The water is piped to several skimmers (surface aspiration). Then it spreads the water out across a ground and protected pipe network. Then the water goes into the sand filter which take the finest particles. This is how the water is filtered and returns back to the pool.


The Clean & Clear + filtration system is adaptable to all types of pools and requires minimal setup. Easy to install, it only requires a water inlet and outlet, without the need for drainage to sewer lines. Its reinforced polypropylene tank with fiberglass is durable and robust. Moreover, it helps conserve water, as it is less water-intensive compared to sand filters, which require frequent backwashing.


The 6-Clone cartridge filter features a transparent upper tank, allowing you to visually inspect the cartridge's cleanliness without opening the filter. Designed with Weltico brand cartridges, it ensures easy replacement due to their availability. Compact and convenient, it fits into most equipment rooms while occupying minimal space.