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The in-ground pool is the most classic one, it suits most of the gardens and yards. It can have many different shapes and a layout of custom pool deck with or without coping stone. What kind of style would you like for your pool? Wood for a natural design or stone for a modern look? UNIBEO is here for you to advise you!


This MINI is the solution for small gardens and inner courtyards. It provides to small spaces a sensibility and design answer. The low necessary volume of water allows hot water and kept permanently to a good temperature. The MINI can fit any garden in any region, without considering the orientation. Very little surface to clean, reduced consumption of cleaning products, water and electricity.

Overflowing pool

Imagine an amazing pool, like those you can find in the most beautiful places in the world. The overflow on one or many sides will give you the impression of an infinite horizon. The waterfall gives to your garden a particular appeal and the sound of water flowing inspires relaxation and rest.

Square Pool

Its four identical sides makes it harmonious and modern. It will fit in all gardens! A new concept for your pool, more convivial !

Swimming Corridor

You will certainly find difficult to swim in a classic pool. The swimming lane with modern and stylish lines, the perfect solution for great athletes: a rectangular pool without “length limit”. The swimming lane is a pool where you can swim comfortably, without having to go back after some strokes. The swimming lanes are intended for swimmers who want a pool for exerting themselves and taking care of their health, but it is also adapted to pool games. Take up challenges and break your distance records, or swim peacefully for relaxing!

Mirror Pool

It is the queen of overflow pools. Elegant and dazzling, it never lets anyone indifferent. Absolute lines, in front of you, you only have the water reflection, coming up to your beach and combining with the landscape. With the beach at the same level than the water, it seems so flat, that it could be a mirror!

Indoor pool

Unless you live in a region where the sun shines and where the temperature is mild the whole year… Everyone dreams of an indoor pool! It is a true living space in your house and you can enjoy it the most of the year. It is a luxury in your house and an amazing comfort equipment…

Custom Pool

Everything is possible, according to your imagination! Do not limit yourself anymore, either the size or the shape. Customization is rigorousness in every step of your pool from the technical side to the final touch.