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UNIBEO PISCINES helps you to design and configure your pool. What type of pool should you choose, depending on your garden, your needs, and your budget. According to the space you have in your garden, you will be able to build the swimming pool of your dreams.

Don?t think too big, you must be able to move around the pool. The pool should always be a pleasure, then UNIBEO works everyday to get closer to you and your ideas.

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Choose the depth !
  • Structure 1.20m

    A small pool is perfect for small children. It is, also, economical. And it is perfect to do water sport. Real height: 1.185m.

  • Structure 1.35m

    "The medium pool : It is the safest one, as almost everyone touches the bottom. You can do different sports such as aquagym, volley ball, family games! Real height: 1.35m"

  • Structure 1.50m

    Deep pool : We can talk about a deep pool from 1.5 meter of depth. It’s the most adapted to jump in. From 1.45m, jumping in is no longer dangerous. Lower than this can be risky. Real height: 1.515m

  • Composed structure - 1.20m / 1.50m

    The Family deep pool: UNIBEO PISCINES created this depth to answer a growing demand from private individuals who wish to find a compromise between parents needs and children’s safety. A 10 year old child who is 1.40m will be able to touch the bottom in the small pool and the adults will be comfortable in the deepest part of the pool.