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Manufacturer of reinforced concrete pools 100% French!

UNIBEO PISCINES is a 100% French builder of permanent polypropylene formwork panels for reinforced concrete pools. UNIBEO PISCINES is also: a quick and simple system of construction, a commitment towards sustainable development, economical solutions, an integrated network of experts, and 10 year warranty...

Guaranteed structure

10 years

Heritage value

+ 20 %

French made

100 %

UNIBEO Concept

Unibeo pools are made of permanent polypropylene formwork panels filled with reinforced concrete. The walls, the bottom and the stairs are made of reinforced concrete that respects the BAEL standard of water towers and bridges. This provides you a real solidity and stability.

We calculated the needs of reinforced concrete the most precisely possible to ensure a minimum investment and an excellent quality product.

In order To guarantee a perfect sealing, your Unibeo pool is covered with a tailor-made 75/100 liner or a reinforced PVC membrane.

RELIABILITY, LONGEVITY AND SAFETY! With Unibeo, you only need to enjoy!!

100% French manufacturing

The expert team of UNIBEO has been welcoming you for many years in Troyes, France. They help you with the creation of your swimming pool, 100% made in France.

Unibeo collaborates with around 40 distributors in France to help you to build a custom swimming pool for your house, your hotel or your second house.

Our experts help you through the whole process of elaboration and maintenance of the swimming pool of your dreams. You can find all equipments, accessories, cleaning products and all our advice in our UNIBEO shops!

The reinforced concrete pool

To give you the best solidity and stability over time, the Unibeo pool is in reinforced concrete.

For every Unibeo pool project, the concrete requirement is precisely calculated to ensure durability and solidity.

Our experts are by your side to ensure you a solid pool with a minimum investment.

Advice, Control and Construction, the 3 „C“ elements to have a great quality Unibeo pool!